People tend to take other people at their own estimation: declare yourself a genius and acolytes will follow; call yourself a hero and soldiers will assemble; make anxiety a theme and people will assume you’re anxious.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Real Legacy
When I get married, feel free to throw your arms around me,” Mr. Nissan writes. “When I have a child, by all means, wrap me into your chest. These are milestones that warrant such a gesture of affection. When I come over for poker, however, don’t. Don’t you dare.

While I have an inherent desire to not hug often, I do find the rise in the hug appealing. It’s for the better that we are all less self conscious about expressing gratitude, sympathy.

The Bro Hug: Embracing a Change in Custom
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There’s lots of ways of being a virus,” he tells us.

Some are relatively harmless and easily spread, like the cold virus. “Or you can take another strategy where you are not so nice to your host,” Mr. Zimmer says.

“That’s a risky strategy,” he points out. Every time a pathogen kills, it loses a place to live. So viruses sometimes also hang out in backup species – in Ebola’s case, probably bats.

And some evolve to move quickly from one host to another, like Ebola via body fluids.

“It performs this horrible trick of taking advantage of the way people care for their sick and honor their dead,” Mr. Zimmer says.